Shamanic Life Coaching


Ryan jumping over me in Yosemite National Park.

As part of my work as an Intuitive Life Coach, I have discovered how integral deepening our connection to nature is for our health, spiritual growth, and overall well-being. My shamanic life  coaching partner, Ryan O’Toole and I have been embodying this concept in our quest to learn how to live more simply, sustainably, and in harmony with our spirits and the planet. We share these types of teachings under the logo of Spirit Earth as this is the essence of what we teach through this approach. We are both trained intuitive life coaches, Reiki Masters, and Shamanic Practitioners (Nature-based energy healing and spiritual support). We have also done
training in the area of primitive skills – tracking, wild edible and medicinal plants, fire making, shelter building and other basic skills, along with metaphysical studies working with earth energy centers, communicating with plants and subtle energy beings.

Shamanic Life Coaching Offerings

Shamanic Energy Coaching Sessions: These sessions are excellent for clearing trapped emotions or patterns, healing emotional or spiritual wounds, and balancing the entire system. We incorporate several different techniques in these sessions which may include (but are not limited to): Intuitive guidance, Reiki, energy medicine, essential oils, drumming, smudging, energetic essences, tuning forks, crystal therapy, emotion code, and the healing code. Participants relax on a comfortable massage table for these sessions and remain fully clothed. We also provide shamanic coaching tools and techniques that you can continue to use on your own. Sessions are typically 90 minutes to two hours long. Love Exchange: $75/Network Members or $150/Non-Network Members

ReWilding Coaching and Events: Research shows that human beings have become domesticated, similar to how dogs no longer possess the wild instincts of their ancestors – the wolves. This means that we are no longer able to survive through our instincts and that our biological systems have altered as we have moved away from a hunter/gather lifestyle. While modern society has developed many different systems to streamline and make life easier for its population, these very same adaptations are causing an underlying disease that is effecting us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Our physical systems are made up of the same things that all nature contains. We are living pieces of Mother Earth, just as we are spiritual beings. We are meant to live in deep connection with nature and be a part of its natural rhythms. Our modern way of living has moved us far from this balance. It is our belief (and the belief of many healers and scientists) that we need to reconnect with nature to improve our health on all levels.

The classes and workshops we offer through the ReWilding program will help to reconnect you with nature and your own body. You will learn to strengthen your awareness of the world around you, become more at home in your physical body, and rediscover your instinctive wisdom about how to live in nature without dependency on modern conveniences.

Love Exchange: varies based on events