Empowerment Readings

What is an Empowerment Reading?

An Empowerment Reading is a unique approach that provides Divine Guidance and energy balancing from your Guides and Angels with practical coaching strategies and techniques to help you incorporate this guidance into your life.  My focus is to empower you to understand your life and relationships from a spiritual perspective, to restore balance and well-being to your entire system, and to help you actively participate in your own growth and development.  If needed, intuitive healing may also be provided.  The sessions are available to provide guidance for the individual or on how to best support a loved one going through a challenge.  I also offer sessions to manage and set up your energy system, both personally and in your environment (home and land that you live on).

What to expect from an Empowerment reading with Nancy…

I establish the connection through a centering exercise  and prayer (less than a minute).  Once the connection is established, I will share whatever images or impressions come through or we can begin with a specific question or concern.  Throughout your session, along with receiving visions and hearing and channeling Divine guidance, I feel specific energetic direction to get information from Spirit for you.  My purpose is to help you overcome feelings of powerlessness and to empower you to make the necessary changes to move into a better situation.  The reading will help you understand your life and experiences from a spiritual perspective and provide guidance to help you work with your own spiritual support team to grow into your fullest potential.  All information provided will be offered to point you along the highest and best path for you…the one most in line with your spiritual purpose and authentic self.

Who would most benefit from a reading with Nancy…

  • Anyone feeling powerless in some area of their life (relationships, health, career, personal growth, etc)
  • Those interested in understanding their lives and experiences from a spiritual perspective
  • Anyone interested in discovering their own unique gifts and living their Divine Purpose
  • Highly Sensitive People
  • Parents of Highly Sensitive Children
  • Empathic or Intuitive people
  • Anyone interested in taking better care of themselves
  • Anyone going through a life transition and needing guidance on how to proceed
  • Anyone seeking authentic relationships with others
  • Healers/Lightworkers
  • Those interested in managing their personal energy system and having their home/property set up for the optimal energetic alignment

Nancy’s credentials…

Intuitive (clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, empathic)

Certified Life/Career/Spiritual Coach (Life Purpose Institute)

Reiki Master/Intuitive Healer

Shamanic Practitioner

Highly Sensitive Professional

Spiritual Teacher


Ready to purchase your reading?

1.   Use the PayPal link below to purchase the amount of time you would like to speak with Nancy using a credit card, withdrawal from a bank account or PayPal account.

2.  Nancy will be in touch to set up your appointment usually within 24 hours of payment being received.

Please note:  By purchasing a product, service or membership or participating in a promotional event with Nancy Nicholas you are agreeing to the terms of the INFORMED CONSENTPlease provide 24 hours notice for cancellations.  Thank you for respecting my time!  Payment must be received prior to the appointment. 

Coaching Membership Club

Join the Crossroads Coaching Membership Club to receive 50% off empowerment readings, workshops and classes with Nancy. Members make a love offering at the level of their choice to join the Club for one month. You can learn more here: Coaching Club

How to Purchase

Select the number of 15 minute blocks you would like after clicking on the link:

$25/15 Minutes 

*Coaching Club Members – $25/30 minutes

Ongoing Support

Nancy offers spiritual mentoring programs that provide ongoing support with a variety of price points and options.  You can learn more here:

Spiritual Mentoring Program

Frequently Asked Questions About Empowerment Readings

Do you offer in person readings?

Not usually.  The exception is during live events or for the Establishing Energy Systems home visits.

Is a phone reading as accurate as an in-person reading?

YES!  I am able to access information energetically, spiritually, and through my empathic ability, so distance is not a detriment.  In fact, I find it easier because I am so sensitive to energy I find it more distracting to do a reading in person.

Do I need to have a particular religious affiliation to participate in this call?

No.  My personal belief is that there are many paths to God (and that God has many names!).  I will say though that the prayer I use at the beginning of the call does invoke the light of Christ within (which can be understood as the “Christ-like” essence of each person) and I do ask Jesus to support me in the process of the call.  I realize that everyone is not Christian (and I am not a traditional Christian), but for me Jesus is a Divine being who provides a very high level of spiritual pureness.  For those who are not comfortable with this reference, I recommend that you simply insert the highest Divine source you personally invoke for the call.

Looking for a unique gift to inspire and empower your loved ones?

Intuitive Life Coaching Gift Certificates

Intuitive Life Coaching gift certificates are good for any of the services or products offered by Intuitive Life Coach, Nancy Nicholas (doing business as Crossroads Coaching).  Just send me an email after you purchase the service or product you want to give and indicate who it is for.  I’ll send you a Gift Certificate via email.

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