Meet Nancy

My journey would make quite a movie! I sometimes imagine my higher self scribbling away in the Spirit Realm coming up with the next plot twist for this incarnation. I haven’t always enjoyed the drama, but I am very grateful for all the wonderful people, experiences, and adventures I have encountered.

While I have always been drawn to the world of Spirit and nature, I had what I consider to be a spiritual awakening experience in 2000 when I went through a divorce unexpectedly. This led to a blossoming of my intuitive abilities and my quest to learn how to care for my highly sensitive self. During that time period, I started training as a Reiki Master which led to my discovery of my gifts as an empath (which at first made me suspect I was going crazy!). This was just the beginning of a sixteen year journey to discover my spiritual path, develop my gifts as an empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient (and all those other “clairs!”) and to learn calm and care for my overstimulated nervous system.

Over the last sixteen years, my Spirit has called me to become a life coach, to write two books, to leave my teaching job, to remarry and divorce, to learn many different energy techniques, to become a shamanic practitioner, and most recently to let go of my home and most of my possessions, so that I could go on a new quest to discover how to live a joyful life by living more in sync with the natural world and its rhythms. As part of the new quest, I have created a new venture with two wonderful partners (one of them my amazing son, Jacob), called Spirit Earth that is a community oriented website focused on bringing people together who want to live from their heart to experience a joyful life (you can learn more about that here: All of this learning on how to follow my Spirit has brought many lessons in letting go, learning to trust, and discovering the enormous blessings that come from choosing to live a life directed by the Divine.

I am currently a bit nomadic, traveling with my Spirit Earth partner and fellow shamanic coach, Ryan O’Toole, to national forests and the wild places in the US. I offer sessions, mentoring and classes by phone, as well as workshops and energy healing sessions in-person (usually in Ohio which is still my home base). Ryan and I also offer sessions and workshops together. You can learn more about Ryan below:

Ryan O’Toole is a shamanic practitioner, Reiki practitioner and intuitive life coach. He is currently training to deepen his connection with nature through expanding his primitive living skills, while offering workshops and energy healing sessions.