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Fight or Flight Goes Crazy

Those of you who have worked with me know that I often talk about the Triple Warmer Meridian. This is one of the energy lines of the body that regulates our fight or flight response. It serves as the inner warrior that is always watching out for danger and prepared to call in the troops should a challenge arise.

In the days of our ancestors, most of the threats we faced came in the form of physical attacks. Should such a physical challenge arise, the triple warmer system would release the hormones and prepare the body for a big physical exertion, either to run or fight. These days, most of our threats are emotional or are of things that aren’t happening directly to us. This means that our inner warrior is running around trying to protect us when there is nothing to fight and no where to run! When this happens, we are essentially putting a cap on a volcano. All that has been geared up gets no outlet and virtually implodes inside of us.

This last week, the Triple Warmer went off the charts for a lot of people. I had more calls about people feeling suicidal or having huge blowups with loved ones then I think I have ever had at one time. So what happened?

Take a look at what has been going on lately. There has been one natural or man-made disaster after another. We are bombarded with tales of suffering, political upheaval, and unfolding disaster daily. Then add in our normal everyday challenges and you have a recipe for Triple Warmer Overload! When that happens, our ability to reason or be objective goes out the window. It makes us feel that everything is out of control and we are in terrible danger. This often leads to frustration with loved ones because we are looking to them to help us feel safe again, when often they are in the midst of fear themselves.

So what can we do about this? Below are  some suggestions to help step out of the state of high alert, so we can get back to inner stability and peace. From this place, we are much better able to help others, without crashing and burning ourselves.

1. Breathe  – There are two ways to clear the hormones that cause the fight or flight response and deep, slow breaths are one of them. When we are afraid, we start to breathe very shallow and quick. Consciously focus on expanding your lungs to their full capacity, pause, and then do a long, slow exhale from the mouth. Even a few deep breaths can settle your system.

2. Move – When the Triple Warmer gets out of whack, we are often in situations where we can’t move, yet moving is the second way we can clear the hormones that are causing the fight or flight response. If you are in a car, try doing some simple exercises. Grip the steering wheel and hold for 30 seconds and then relax your grip for 30 seconds. Tighten and release different muscle groups. Use one hand to do tapping (emotional freedom technique). If you are somewhere you can move, do some push ups, go for a walk, do some yoga or any exercise that keeps you moving.

3. Laugh – Laughter can quickly calm your system, yet when we are afraid it is often difficult to find anything funny. One thing I have found helpful is to keep repeating “I laugh, I laugh, I laugh” over and over to myself. Even just saying that seems to shift my energy and helps me relax. If you can find something funny to watch or remember something that happened that was really funny, that is even better!

4. Stay Close to the Earth – Nature is our number one ally for keeping our nervous system balanced. When we are out with trees and plants in natural places, our nervous system begins to sync with the vibration of the natural world. This is our optional vibration as well and can provide deep healing. Sitting on the ground, walking barefoot, leaning against a tree are all easy ways to get out of fight or flight. A good metaphor to think of is about being out in a storm. If the wind is blowing fiercely, you don’t want to be up in the tree! You are much safer staying close to the earth. Right now, we need to stay grounded to keep from losing our balance. A daily walk in nature is a great way to take good care of yourself.

5. Be present – It is wonderful how we are able to be connected with people all over the world, but it is also part of the reason we get overloaded sometimes. While we can have great compassion for the suffering of others, we can’t carry their challenges or solve them. For example, those of us in Ohio aren’t able to be helping to fight fires in California right now. We aren’t there and there is no fire to fight where we are. That is why being mindful of what you are exposing yourself too through the media is an important step to calming the Triple Warmer. Imagine you have a young child inside you that is scared. The last thing you would do is start telling them about all the dangerous things that could happen to them! We need to do the same for ourselves. Be present where you are and see where you are as safe and affirm that all is well. Fill yourself with peace. Ask the Angels to help where you aren’t able to and then come back to what is present for you in this moment.

6. Energy Techniques – There are many great energy techniques out there that can help to settle your nervous system and calm the Triple Warmer. You can have a session with a practitioner of reflexology, polarity therapy, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, BodyTalk, massage, or Cranial Sacral Therapy, just to mention a few. All of these techniques can be very helpful to settle your system. There is also a technique called Energy Medicine created by Donna Eden. I am a huge fan of this system, as it offers many simple things you can do on your own. Below is a link to a You Tube video sharing some of the best ways to calm the Triple Warmer Meridian:

Sedate the Triple Warmer Meridian

For a list of my favorite practitioners, visit the Gratitude Directory on my sister site: Spirit Earth 

I’m also happy to help with an empowerment reading or energy session!

I hope this helps you to find some peace during this time of transformation.

Much love,



Living Worry-Free!

 As someone who has spent a lot of my life worrying about yesterday or tomorrow, I find myself suddenly fascinated by the concept of being worry-freeWhat would it be like to simply leave behind my worrying ways? 

As I have worked with this concept, I have discovered that an unconscious belief, recently brought to consciousness, supports this pattern.  The belief is that fear and worry are necessary to be safe.  While I can understand how this would be true in situations where I was required to fight or flee to save my life, I find it is not true for most of the rest of my experiences. I am actually less safe when I am afraid in most situations because physically I become anxious and I am less able to concentrate.  I am also not able to reach the state of calm needed to connect with my Divine team of Angels and Spirit Guides. In truth, safety is actually found in being calm.

I decided that it was time to ask my Angels to delete the old pattern/belief and replace it with this new one.  I choose to have my instinctual pattern be to become deeply calm when something frightens me, so that I can go to the Divine for guidance and support.  Of course, for the very rare occasions when fight or flight is actually necessary, I asked that the appropriate belief be applied.

I used a couple of different techniques to begin changing this belief.  I will continue to use them until I find my immediate response to threatening situations is to become deeply calm.  I am sharing them below in case you would like to try them yourself.

The Sedona Method:  I learned this technique from Marci Shimoff’s book, Happy for No Reason.  First, you keep repeating the belief you are trying to change {I did it four times] and each time asking yourself if you are ready to release it.  You answer that yes you are ready to release it immediately.  After the third time, I ask myself what it would be like if I had never experienced this belief.  Let yourself really feel what that would be like.  Then follow-up with a final “Are you ready to release it?  When?” sequence.  I always finish the sequence by stating what the new belief is that I want to have in place of the old one.

 The Healing Codes:  Happiness Coach, Sue Finley recently shared this technique with our Soul Friends community (available in the member’s only archives).  She learned it from a book by Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND.  Essentially, it is a six-minute coded sequence that can be used to heal the cause of a physical or emotional issue.  It is very easy to use and really powerful!  To learn more, you can check out the book or try a session with Sue. 

 Intention Triangle Method:  This is a technique of mine that I find very effective for setting a very clear intention, invoking Divine support, and committing yourself to experiencing it.   The top of the triangle is where we clearly state our intention.  What do you want to experience?  The right side of the triangle is where we invoke Divine support to manifest our wish with ease and grace.  Who are you asking for help?  The left side of the triangle is where we make a personal commitment to allowing ourselves to receive our wish and also to being committed to it manifesting.  What do you promise yourself?  Finally, I give it a single word focus (for instance, in this case I used worry-free) and ask that the Divine make it so.  I usually imagine myself hitting the “enter” key on the computer.  You’ve set the command and when you hit enter, the Universe moves to make it so!

Here is to a new worry-free living for us all!  I am ready to give it a try.  How about you?

Blessings to you and yours!