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Living Worry-Free!

 As someone who has spent a lot of my life worrying about yesterday or tomorrow, I find myself suddenly fascinated by the concept of being worry-freeWhat would it be like to simply leave behind my worrying ways? 

As I have worked with this concept, I have discovered that an unconscious belief, recently brought to consciousness, supports this pattern.  The belief is that fear and worry are necessary to be safe.  While I can understand how this would be true in situations where I was required to fight or flee to save my life, I find it is not true for most of the rest of my experiences. I am actually less safe when I am afraid in most situations because physically I become anxious and I am less able to concentrate.  I am also not able to reach the state of calm needed to connect with my Divine team of Angels and Spirit Guides. In truth, safety is actually found in being calm.

I decided that it was time to ask my Angels to delete the old pattern/belief and replace it with this new one.  I choose to have my instinctual pattern be to become deeply calm when something frightens me, so that I can go to the Divine for guidance and support.  Of course, for the very rare occasions when fight or flight is actually necessary, I asked that the appropriate belief be applied.

I used a couple of different techniques to begin changing this belief.  I will continue to use them until I find my immediate response to threatening situations is to become deeply calm.  I am sharing them below in case you would like to try them yourself.

The Sedona Method:  I learned this technique from Marci Shimoff’s book, Happy for No Reason.  First, you keep repeating the belief you are trying to change {I did it four times] and each time asking yourself if you are ready to release it.  You answer that yes you are ready to release it immediately.  After the third time, I ask myself what it would be like if I had never experienced this belief.  Let yourself really feel what that would be like.  Then follow-up with a final “Are you ready to release it?  When?” sequence.  I always finish the sequence by stating what the new belief is that I want to have in place of the old one.

 The Healing Codes:  Happiness Coach, Sue Finley recently shared this technique with our Soul Friends community (available in the member’s only archives).  She learned it from a book by Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND.  Essentially, it is a six-minute coded sequence that can be used to heal the cause of a physical or emotional issue.  It is very easy to use and really powerful!  To learn more, you can check out the book or try a session with Sue. 

 Intention Triangle Method:  This is a technique of mine that I find very effective for setting a very clear intention, invoking Divine support, and committing yourself to experiencing it.   The top of the triangle is where we clearly state our intention.  What do you want to experience?  The right side of the triangle is where we invoke Divine support to manifest our wish with ease and grace.  Who are you asking for help?  The left side of the triangle is where we make a personal commitment to allowing ourselves to receive our wish and also to being committed to it manifesting.  What do you promise yourself?  Finally, I give it a single word focus (for instance, in this case I used worry-free) and ask that the Divine make it so.  I usually imagine myself hitting the “enter” key on the computer.  You’ve set the command and when you hit enter, the Universe moves to make it so!

Here is to a new worry-free living for us all!  I am ready to give it a try.  How about you?

Blessings to you and yours!



Rising Above Fear

I just finished listening to a recorded call with Joel Bruce Wallach (spiritual energy researcher, teacher, and inventor of the Powerforms plates) on how to raise your vibration to shift your perception and gently clear blocks.  He provides a very simple and powerful tool that can be used with a variety of situations.  There are a few problems with the recording (this was a group call), but it was still very worth listening to.  For those who are able to sense energetic shifts, you’ll be amazed at how powerful this very simple technique really is!  I also like his straight forward and logical approach to energy principles.

Here’s the link to his website where you can read more and get the download for the call.  He also has several excellent articles on different topics connected to energetic clearing and balancing.

Rising Above Fear Technique

Let me know what you experience!


Nancy Nicholas, Intuitive Life Coach