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October Create Your Sacred Space Workshops

As someone who has a highly sensitive nervous system, I have spent a lot of time dealing with environments that were uncomfortable for me.  I believed that I had to adapt myself to whatever the energetic space was like and often that wasn’t very easy. Sometimes, my health suffered as a result. I have learned, though, that we are not at the mercy of our environment. We are able to work with energy concepts and different tools to set up our personal energy system and adjust the energy set up in the places we are in to create a more harmonious experience. I am excited to teach these very necessary and important skills in the Create Your Sacred Space Workshops coming up in October!

About the Arizona Workshop 10/21 (1- 4 PM Peoria, AZ)

 The workshop in AZ will also include guidance using Feng Shui concepts from my co-teacher, Barb Hribar (Life Coach, Feng Shui Consultant and Spiritual Teacher).  Otherwise, the workshops in the two states will be the same.  If you are interested in the AZ workshop, please use the contact form below and I will send you the full details. 

Creating Sacred Space Workshop
Akron, OH

Albert Einstein taught that we are all made up of energy, yet we often overlook the energetic system and the opportunities working with it offers for improving our experiences and growing our spiritual gifts.

For this workshop, Intuitive Life Coach Nancy Nicholas will teach you…

  • How to work with your Angels and Spirit Guides to create sacred space
  • How to set up your energy field so that wherever you are you are comfortable and empowered
  • How to use crystals, plants and other tools to set up energy fields in your home and workplace
  • How to attune a crystal for your personal use


When: Sunday 10/8 from 1-4:00PM

Where: Akron, OH

Love Exchange: $75/person or $65/person when you register with a friend (Price includes instruction, light refreshments and a Create Your Sacred Space Starter Toolkit. Additional support items will also be available for separate purchase at the event.)

How to Register: Space is limited to EIGHT participants.Use the contact form below to register.

About Nancy Nicholas

Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach, Author, Reiki Master, Intuitive, and Spiritual Teacher. She uses her intuitive gifts and practical coaching skills to empower her clients to nurture themselves, grow their spiritual gifts, and live their life purpose. Nancy offers empowerment readings, workshops, and spiritual mentoring. You can learn more about Nancy at her website:


Full Moon Labyrinth Walk and Fireside Empowerment Circle 5/2 from 6-9 PM

The beautiful Blessed Foundation reopens in May!  I’m so excited to have our Full Moon gatherings again!  I  have FOUR spots left for the first event on Saturday 5/2!  Here are the details…

Saturday May 2, 2015 – 6-9 PM:  For this event, we will kick off the opening of the Blessed Foundation with a fireside full moon empowerment circle with guided meditation and personalized readings.  Each participant will be introduced to a Spirit Guide, Angel, or Nature Spirit who comes forth to work with them for the summer season ahead and receive a personally attuned crystal to help them connect more easily with the Angel or Guide on their own.  After the empowerment circle, we will be walking the beautiful Chartres Labyrinth by moonlight!  Participation is limited to 8 people.  Pre-registration required.  Love Exchange:  $44/person

Register:  You can register via PayPal (you can use a credit card or a checking account if you don’t have a PayPal account) here:  May 2nd Full Moon Labyrinth Walk and Empowerment Circle

Let me know if you have any questions!


April New Moon Empowerment Circle Reading

I hope you are all enjoying the spring energies!  I took an impromptu trip to Naples, Florida with my sister’s family for their spring break.  I had a really amazing week with my niece and nephew exploring and enjoying nature!  Here is a photo from our boat trip at Everglades National Park…

everglades dolphins

New Moon Empowerment Circle – Last day to register is Friday 4/17!

Each participant gets a personalized reading with the intention that the whole call have value for everyone listening. These are one of my favorite readings to do as New Moon energy is a great time to set intentions and connect to guidance for the month ahead!  Here is a full description and the link to register if you’d like to participate:  New Moon Readings

Another New Moon Event…

Healing Arts Centered Wellness Holistic Fair Saturday 4/18 (10AM -2PM) – Another way to celebrate the New Moon! I’ll be doing empowerment crystal readings at this event and there are many other opportunities to connect with healing practitioners and services.  Full details are here:  Healing Arts Fair

I’m looking forward to connecting with you then!

Have a beautiful day!


January Events and Offerings 2015

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a good start to 2015 and staying warm!  I was in Florida for a week with my family and it was tough coming back to cold Ohio.  Here is a photo from the trip just to share a little of the warmth and sea breezes!

Ocean 2015

I have missed those of you I haven’t connected with in awhile!  I tend to communicate a lot more with my Crossroads Coaching Soul Friends Community (which you are all welcome to join!) and end up not posting as much on here.  I am hoping to get back into a routine of writing regularly again though!

Today, I just wanted to share a few opportunities to connect coming up this month.  Here they are!

New Moon Empowerment Circle Reading – Register by Monday 1/19:  This is a pre-recorded reading where each participant gets a personalized intuitive message (though no names are used, I will tell you what number reading you are).   The intention is that all messages have gifts for everyone listening and the whole recording is a cohesive theme.  This month’s New Moon offers a great time to set intentions and make your wishes!  Here is a little about this particular New Moon from Lena Stevens (Power Path):

“This is a time where dreaming big and dreaming “outside the box” is recommended. Higher centered energy is available and you should be greatly inspired with potential. Anything is possible!”

You can sign up here (Love Exchange is $22):  New Moon Empowerment Circle Recording

Winter Forecast Seasonal Reading:  Make the most of the season ahead with this Winter Season Forecast Empowerment Reading!  I’ll be using a Sacred Tree Layout to do your reading.  I’ll be using a variety of oracle cards along with the intuitive insights I receive for you throughout the reading.  There are two options to choose from:  3 Card Spread – $45 or 7 Card Spread – $75.  The reading can be pre-recorded or we can do it on a call together.  Learn more and purchase here:  Winter Forecast Reading

1/31 and 2/1 Great Conjunction Expo and Psychic Fair:  I will be at this event doing Empowerment Crystal Readings and I will have some pre-attuned crystals and my book for sale.  The hours are from 10- 7PM on Saturday and 10-5PM on Sunday.  It is at the Clarion Inn and Conference Center in Hudson, OH.  I attended one of these expos last June and really liked the way it was run and the quality of those offering services. I am excited to have my own table this year!  Visit the website to learn more and to get $1 off admission: Great Conjunction Expo

Finally, here is a little inspiration for today (whatever day you read this) from the Grace Cards by Cheryl Richardson:

“Trust – The more we follow our intuition, the more we’ll find that the right doors open to assist us in fulfilling our life’s purpose.”  

This is very fitting with the January Empowerment Call message.  On that call, I asked for an image for our community for the month of January.  I saw myself swimming in the ocean with waves around me. The sky was gray and there was the remains of my parachute.  I wasn’t hurt, but I also had absolutely no idea where land was.  The message that came through was that this is a good month to trust we are guided/motivated in each moment to do what we need to do, even when we aren’t sure intellectually what that is!  We are moving between one nine year cycle and the next, which can be a bit disorienting.  Put it out to your Angels to motivate and inspire you in each moment and then TRUST!  Your Spirit knows where it is going and you are being protected and cared for during this time of transformation.

Sending much love to you all!


New! Winter Seasonal Forecast Empowerment Readings

Lone Tree in Snow

Happy New Year!  I hope you are all having a wonderful start to 2015.  Below is a new offering for the Winter Season. 

Make the most of the season ahead with this Winter Season Forecast Empowerment Reading!  I’ll be using a Sacred Tree Layout to do your reading.  I’ll be using a variety of oracle cards along with the intuitive insights I receive for you throughout the reading.  There are two options to choose from.


Option One:  3 Card Layout (approximately 30 minutes)

Roots – What will you be learning?

Trunk – How can you make the most of this opportunity for growth?

Branches – What does your Spiritual Support Team want you to know to make the most of the opportunities this season?

Love Exchange:  

3 Card Forecast – $45

Add an Empowerment Crystal attuned to the Spirit Guide or Angel working most closely with you this Winter Season – $18

$2.50 shipping is added at checkout.  International shipping is an additional fee.  Please email before purchase.

Option Two:  7 Card Layout with insights for each of the seven chakras (approximately 60 minutes)

1st – Foundation – What are you learning?

2nd – Nourishment – How can you support your growth?

3rd – Intention – How can you empower yourself?

4th – Love – How can love support this process?

5th – Expression –   How can you best express yourself?

6th – Guidance – What do you need to understand?

7th – Vision – What can manifest from this experience?

Love Exchange: 

7 Card Forecast – $75

Add an Empowerment Crystal attuned to the Spirit Guide or Angel working most closely with you this Winter Season – $18

Readings are done by phone or can be pre-recorded and a link to download an MP3 will be sent to you.

Looking forward to connecting with you!


Special Offer and New Product – Empowerment Crystals!

Rose Quartz in Bag 002Can you believe we are almost at the end of 2014?  What a year this has been!  I know I am not the same person who started out the year in January.  So many changes have occurred internally and externally.  The process hasn’t always been easy, but as always, change brings many gifts too.

This fall, I’ve found myself spending a lot of time getting to know my own Team of Angels and Spirit Guides.  With the changes that have occurred, we are rediscovering Guides that have been more in the background until now. These spiritual relationships will grow increasingly important as we move into 2015.  That is why I am offering a new service/product to help provide a bridge to amplify and strengthen these connections.

Empowerment Crystals are exactly what the name describes. They are crystals that empower our connection to our Spiritual Team of Angels and Spirit Guides or to the Earth Energy Centers that are so important in our spiritual growth.  These crystals are programmed to have a sole purpose – to be a bridge connecting you to these powerful resources. As we connect more deeply with the Divine helpers and power centers Mother Earth offers, we gain greater understanding of who we are and why we are here.Empowerment Crystals on an Powerform Activator Disc

For the last month, I’ve been learning about working with crystals from the perspective of subtle energy skills and also creating my own Crystal Team to help me strengthen and clarify my connection with the Divine beings and Earth Centers I rely on.  The process has been fascinating and I am very excited to share the results of it with all of you!

Empowerment Crystals include a 10 minute MP3 recorded meditation introducing you to the Angel, Spirit Guide or Earth Energy Center that the crystal will be programmed to connect you with.  I also am offering phone empowerment crystal readings which will provide more in-depth interaction with these Divine helpers, as well as guidance for your current goals or life path, energy balancing, and practical coaching suggestions.

Happy Holidays Special Offer – 20% off on Empowerment Crystal Readings or Gift Certificates purchased by December 31, 2014

Details and links to purchase are available at this link:

Empowerment Crystals

Happy Holidays!



June Newsletter 2014

 Newsletter Banner

June 2014

I hope you are enjoying the lovely spring weather!  It is amazing how Ohio can go from cold and gloomy to vibrantly green and colorful.  Truly Ohio is magical this time of year!  Just a heads up…I will be on vacation from June 22nd through July 9th, so this month’s special offer is good through June 21st instead of the end of the month.   Read on for upcoming events and inspiration for June!

Events This Month

Summer Earth Wisdom Empowerment Circles at the Blessed Foundation (Medina, Ohio):  Dates:  6/12, 7/24, 8/14 from 6- 7PM (arrival at 5:45 PM so we can start on time):  We had a great time at the first Earth Wisdom Empowerment Circle in May!  For the June Circle we will be on the seventh chakra vortex to deepen our connection with our Spiritual Support Team and hear guidance for the month.  Sign up for the 6/12 Earth Wisdom Circle by WEDNESDAY, 6/11/2014.

Description for the Earth Wisdom Circles:  For Summer 2014, we will be taking the empowerment circles out to Mother Earth!  Each month, we will meet out at the beautiful Blessed Foundation in Medina, Ohio for an in-person gathering. During this experience, you will be invited to connect with the Earth energies (we will be sitting in a circle on one chakra vortex or meridian vortex for each meeting) to restore balance to your system and experience intuitive insights and guidance.  As we connect with Mother Earth with love, we will be raising our vibration and lifting the vibration of the planet!  Different tools and techniques as well as intuitive guidance will be shared as part of the experience.  If the weather is inclement, we will move inside to the retreat house and connect to the Earth energies from there.  Cost is $15.    Pre-registration is required.  Visit this link to register:  Empowerment Circles

6/8/2014:  June Empowerment Call – Feed Your Inner Fire, 7-8 PM EST:  We have planted seeds for what we wish to manifest this year and now we are ready to start feeding the fire of our intentions!  For this call, we will connect with our Angels and Spirit Guides on how to connect with and ignite our excitement and enthusiasm for that which is coming to life for us.  After the guided meditation for the first half of the call, I’ll be doing mini-oracle card readings for volunteers who are on the call live.  You’ll also have a chance to share about your experience through the guided meditation.  The call will be recorded.  Cost:  $15; community members are free.  To register for the call visit:  Empowerment Calls

Featured Spiritual Tools

Crystal Ally Cards

The Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ashian provide guidance using crystal energies to empower.  I’ll be using this book this month for the special Pyramid Crystal Ally readings to help give you deeper insight into a concern you are facing.  See below for this month’s special offers.

Wisdom of Avalon Cards

The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

 Here are the cards that fell out for this month:

The Serpent (Knowledge/Healing):  “Card Meaning: The Serpent’s message is one of healing and of gaining knowledge.  Whatever situation you’re in right now is meant for this purpose.  The serpent also reminds you that knowledge is important.  Perhaps it’s time for you to read a book or take  class in order to gain more understanding of your inquiry, or you may need to ask questions of others who “know” and can help you.  Ask the Serpent and you will be guided to the right answer easily and effortlessly.  The Serpent heralds success if you follow his signal.  The Serpent also lets you know that you may be suffering because there are aspects of yourself that are wounded and still need tending.  Now is the time for this.  Perhaps you need to rest, meditate, and allow the knowledge to come to consciousness. Or maybe you just need to sleep more.  Another aspect of Serpent energy is that each time you experience a healing or learn new things, you may need to shed your skin and adopt a new one.  But don’t worry – the Serpent says that it’s a necessary and beautiful thing.” 

The Stag (Pride/Leadership): “When the Stag appears on your path, he tells you to take pride in all that you do.  Be the leader and hold your head high, and others will follow by your example.  Ask yourself these questions:  “Am I following my highest path?”  “Am I acting in integrity and doing the best I can?”  or “Am I held back by the kind of pride that cuts me off from life through arrogance, or in reverse, low self-esteem?”  The Stag asks you to be a leader, be proactive (with the highest intentions), and to always ask, “What is the highest good for all?”  Arrogance and its reverse are both places of alienation and ways to avoid responsibility and accountability.  The Stag leads you out of both difficult places into the kind of pride that reminds you that you’re always in service to the God/Goddess in every step you take.  You may already be there, in which case, you should be proud and happy.  Look how far you’ve come!  Rejoice, for the Stag always leads you to a higher place with a sure and steady footing.”  

Work with Nancy

New Client Special – $25/25 Minutes or $55/60 Minutes

Community Member Special Offer – $10 off a 60 minute Crystal Ally Card Pyramid Empowerment Reading:  For this reading, we will use the Pyramid Spread shared in the Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ashian.  This spread offers a deeper look at an issue you are facing.  We will use the crystal ally cards to get the overview and then I’ll share intuitive insights and suggestions for working with the messages to empower you.  Regular rate: $75; Community members through 6/21 – $65

Creating Community

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