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Ohio Spiritual Toolkit Workshop 9/10

I am excited to be coming back to Ohio soon! I’ve had a wonderful time out west and still have a few more stops before returning home. For those in Minnesota, I’m offering some in-person empowerment readings at a special rate (20% off for a 30 or 60 minute reading) at the Salus North Office in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 8/25, 8/26, and 8/27. Use the contact form at the bottom of the post/email to schedule a time if you are in the area!

Below is the information about the Ohio Spiritual Toolkit Workshop. I have been making sage bundles to share as part of the starter kit for the workshop. I’m also looking forward to partnering with my good friend and colleague, Colleen McDermott Vitko, who will be sharing her healing gifts through mini chakra balancing reflexology sessions and also will have some wonderful essential oils to share. See below for full details on the event!

Crossroads Coaching
Fall Spiritual Toolkit Workshop

One of the most important things we can do to support ourselves on a spiritual path is to gather resources (both people and tools) that nurture and empower us. So often, those who are sensitive souls end up with debilitating issues such as anxiety, depression or chronic illness. Having the right collection of tools and a team of practitioners to support you can turn sensitivity from a curse into a gift. This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to try out a variety of my favorite tools and provide insight into the best spiritual toolkit for you for the Fall Season ahead. See below to learn more…

When – Sunday September 10, 2017 1 – 4 PM

Where – Hinckley, OH

What to Expect

  • Spiritual Empowerment Reading Circle – Receive a mini-reading with Nancy to get guidance from your Team on the best spiritual tools for your fall season and a message from your Team of Angels and Spirit Guides
  • 10 Minute Chakra Balancing Reflexology Session with Colleen
  • Spiritual Tools Exploration – Learn about my favorite spiritual tools – oracle cards, powerforms, crystals, mudras, essential oils, drum, books, and more!
  • Coupons for special discounts or free sessions to work with local holistic practitioners – Reiki, Rune Readings, Massage, and Empowerment Readings
  • Starter Toolkit – A few favorite tools to get your started with your own kit
  • Light refreshments


Love Exchange – $75 or $65 when you register with a friend

How to Register
Use the contact form below…

Meet the Practitioners

Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher and author. She offers empowerment readings, workshops, and spiritual mentoring. To learn more, visit her website:



Colleen McDermott Vitko is a licensed massage therapist, polarity therapist, reflexologist who practices in Medina, Ohio, You can learn more at her website:




Simple Pleasures to Overcome Stress

Wow! It has been quite a ride the last few months energetically, emotionally, and financially for so many people. It is easy to get caught up in the cycles of stress during times of change. So here are a few simple treats to remind yourself that this too shall pass!

Aromatherapy: I’m really into rose and lavendar these days. I was reading a passage from Romancing the Ordinary by Sarah Ban Breathnach and she talked about using essential oils to scent your sheets and pillows. Inspired, I dug out my essential oils and came up with a combination of rose and lavendar that I love! I’ve been scenting my room and even added a few drops to my pendant (Angel Healing Crystals). I love having the gentle scent of roses and lavendar with me all day long. I also picked up two new soaps from Savannah Moon. Sticking with my rose theme, I opened up the new bar last night. Heaven! See if you can find a scent that really speaks to you and try using it in your car, your home, your shower, and your workplace. You’ll be amazed at how much it helps lift your mood!

Music: I’ve been back on an Enya kick. I just love her music! So inspiring and uplifting. What songs lift your soul? Go back through your CD/I Tunes collection and find an old favorite to listen to. Let the soothing sounds lift your heart and restore your equilibrium! Another idea…a friend of mine turned on a CD of bird sounds and was finally able to relax enough for a much needed nap. Find what calls to you and listen!

Exercise: Stress makes you feel tired which then makes it hard to exercise. I’ve been forcing myself to get on the ellyptical and to take my daily walk, even though I’ve been so tired that all I want to do is nap! I also did a Tai Chi routine this morning. Ahh… Amazing how tai chi, yoga, and regular exercise can restore my energy! Adrenaline is produced when we are under stress and the two ways to remove it are exercise and slow, deep breathing. Try them both today and see how you feel!

Food: I’m not usually into cooking but lately I’ve been finding myself drawn to making some new dishes and some favorite old ones (probably the mystery I’m reading about a caterer!). I pulled out a favorite book called Kitchen Pharmacy: A Book of Healing Remedies for Everyone by Rose Elliot and Carlo De Paoli which tells the healing benefits of different types of foods with recipes. I tried out a recipe for Celery, Carrot and Apple salad (carrots, apples, celery, and fresh mint with a lemon/honey dressing). It was so refreshing! See if any particular food is calling to you and treat yourself! You deserve it!

Fun: What do you love to do? I love art/craft shows. I went to the Yankee Peddler festival last week and I’m going to Ohio Mart at Stan Hywet Hall in Akron, Ohio this weekend. I love looking at the amazing wood carvings, pottery, and other crafts. Eating all the delicious food is fun too! Find something that you really enjoy and do it! You’ll be glad you did! 

 Have a blissful day everyone!


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach who works with clients who are feeling powerless because of a relationship, health situation, job, family matter, or other concern. She offers Empowerment Readings which combine Divine guidance with practical coaching tips to help her clients make the necessary changes to move into a better situation. Readings are available by phone or email. Economic Recession Rates are $15/15 minutes. Visit my website to learn more and to get your free Divine Purpose Survey!