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Fight or Flight Goes Crazy

Those of you who have worked with me know that I often talk about the Triple Warmer Meridian. This is one of the energy lines of the body that regulates our fight or flight response. It serves as the inner warrior that is always watching out for danger and prepared to call in the troops should a challenge arise.

In the days of our ancestors, most of the threats we faced came in the form of physical attacks. Should such a physical challenge arise, the triple warmer system would release the hormones and prepare the body for a big physical exertion, either to run or fight. These days, most of our threats are emotional or are of things that aren’t happening directly to us. This means that our inner warrior is running around trying to protect us when there is nothing to fight and no where to run! When this happens, we are essentially putting a cap on a volcano. All that has been geared up gets no outlet and virtually implodes inside of us.

This last week, the Triple Warmer went off the charts for a lot of people. I had more calls about people feeling suicidal or having huge blowups with loved ones then I think I have ever had at one time. So what happened?

Take a look at what has been going on lately. There has been one natural or man-made disaster after another. We are bombarded with tales of suffering, political upheaval, and unfolding disaster daily. Then add in our normal everyday challenges and you have a recipe for Triple Warmer Overload! When that happens, our ability to reason or be objective goes out the window. It makes us feel that everything is out of control and we are in terrible danger. This often leads to frustration with loved ones because we are looking to them to help us feel safe again, when often they are in the midst of fear themselves.

So what can we do about this? Below are  some suggestions to help step out of the state of high alert, so we can get back to inner stability and peace. From this place, we are much better able to help others, without crashing and burning ourselves.

1. Breathe  – There are two ways to clear the hormones that cause the fight or flight response and deep, slow breaths are one of them. When we are afraid, we start to breathe very shallow and quick. Consciously focus on expanding your lungs to their full capacity, pause, and then do a long, slow exhale from the mouth. Even a few deep breaths can settle your system.

2. Move – When the Triple Warmer gets out of whack, we are often in situations where we can’t move, yet moving is the second way we can clear the hormones that are causing the fight or flight response. If you are in a car, try doing some simple exercises. Grip the steering wheel and hold for 30 seconds and then relax your grip for 30 seconds. Tighten and release different muscle groups. Use one hand to do tapping (emotional freedom technique). If you are somewhere you can move, do some push ups, go for a walk, do some yoga or any exercise that keeps you moving.

3. Laugh – Laughter can quickly calm your system, yet when we are afraid it is often difficult to find anything funny. One thing I have found helpful is to keep repeating “I laugh, I laugh, I laugh” over and over to myself. Even just saying that seems to shift my energy and helps me relax. If you can find something funny to watch or remember something that happened that was really funny, that is even better!

4. Stay Close to the Earth – Nature is our number one ally for keeping our nervous system balanced. When we are out with trees and plants in natural places, our nervous system begins to sync with the vibration of the natural world. This is our optional vibration as well and can provide deep healing. Sitting on the ground, walking barefoot, leaning against a tree are all easy ways to get out of fight or flight. A good metaphor to think of is about being out in a storm. If the wind is blowing fiercely, you don’t want to be up in the tree! You are much safer staying close to the earth. Right now, we need to stay grounded to keep from losing our balance. A daily walk in nature is a great way to take good care of yourself.

5. Be present – It is wonderful how we are able to be connected with people all over the world, but it is also part of the reason we get overloaded sometimes. While we can have great compassion for the suffering of others, we can’t carry their challenges or solve them. For example, those of us in Ohio aren’t able to be helping to fight fires in California right now. We aren’t there and there is no fire to fight where we are. That is why being mindful of what you are exposing yourself too through the media is an important step to calming the Triple Warmer. Imagine you have a young child inside you that is scared. The last thing you would do is start telling them about all the dangerous things that could happen to them! We need to do the same for ourselves. Be present where you are and see where you are as safe and affirm that all is well. Fill yourself with peace. Ask the Angels to help where you aren’t able to and then come back to what is present for you in this moment.

6. Energy Techniques – There are many great energy techniques out there that can help to settle your nervous system and calm the Triple Warmer. You can have a session with a practitioner of reflexology, polarity therapy, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, BodyTalk, massage, or Cranial Sacral Therapy, just to mention a few. All of these techniques can be very helpful to settle your system. There is also a technique called Energy Medicine created by Donna Eden. I am a huge fan of this system, as it offers many simple things you can do on your own. Below is a link to a You Tube video sharing some of the best ways to calm the Triple Warmer Meridian:

Sedate the Triple Warmer Meridian

For a list of my favorite practitioners, visit the Gratitude Directory on my sister site: Spirit Earth 

I’m also happy to help with an empowerment reading or energy session!

I hope this helps you to find some peace during this time of transformation.

Much love,



When Anxiety Stops By

Gulf of Mexico and pelicanI have found that one of the biggest challenges for those who are highly sensitive is anxiety.  Last night, it stopped by for a visit (something it hasn’t done in a while) and I found myself thankful for all the many tools I’ve learned over the years.  While I was using them and waiting for the anxious feeling to pass last night, I promised myself I’d write a post with some of those tools for all of you. The energy shifting and massive transformation we are going through is fertile ground for anxiety.  I find when I don’t know what is coming or exactly where I’m going, my mind starts to feel like everything is out of control and starts freaking out!  As the mind is the place we often go when we need to fix something that is disturbing our peace, having it in a state of panic makes it tough to settle again.

Below is the routine I go through when I start to feel anxious.  It always works for me, so keep at it and keep reminding yourself that though anxious feelings can feel deadly, it is actually just the fight or flight hormones working their way through the body.  Once they clear out, you will feel better.

Step One:  Sedate the Triple Warmer Meridian

The Triple Warmer Meridian is the energy pathway connected to our body’s response to danger.  When you are feeling anxious, odds are your triple warmer has excess energies that can be released.  Donna Eden’s methods for calming this system are my favorite.  Here are a few links where you can watch how to do it:

Sedate Triple Warmer Points

Donna Eden Demonstrating Several Techniques

Step Two:  Strengthen the Spleen Meridian

In one of her videos, Donna Eden mentioned that she sedates the triple warmer meridian and strengthens the spleen almost everyday.  Last night, I realized I hadn’t been doing that for several weeks.  Clearly, something to get back into my routine!  She describes this meridian as our inner mother who nurtures and takes care of us.  Strengthening this meridian can help you feel relaxed and peaceful quickly.  Here is a link for a video on that: Strengthen Spleen Points

Step Three:  BodyTalk Routine

I took a class a few years ago and learned a basic routine for the BodyTalk System which involves tapping on meridian points and breathing.  While I can’t share the full routine, you can use the basic technique called Cortices which is a big part of the routine I use. It is available here:  BodyTalk

Step Four:  30 Exhales

The fight or flight hormones can be cleared through exercise or breathing.  I have noticed though that if I start focusing on breathing first, I get more anxious.  That is why I start this at Step Four after I am feeling calmer.  I also find that working with the fingers (which are points to balance your meridians all on their own) really helps along with counting my exhales (which I try to make longer than my inhale).  I start with my little finger and hold it for three – five deep breaths, then work through all my other fingers.  I have an affirmation I use for each finger that I say as I breathe.  I wrote an article on this technique here which you can view: Create Your Own Yoga Mudras

What Next

If I haven’t fallen asleep at that point or the anxiety hasn’t passed fully, then here are some additional tools to try…

Donna Eden Daily 5 Routine – I sometimes start with this one, depending on what is going on.  You can learn it here:  Daily Energy Routine

Yoga Mudras:  Flip to a yoga mudra series and do them.  This book has great routines:  Power Mudras for Women by Sabrina Mesko

Laughter:  Imagine my inner child laughing for at least 2 minutes or imagine myself laughing.  Even better is when I can actually get myself to laugh out loud.

Nature:  Go outside and sit by a tree.  If it wasn’t the middle of the night yesterday, I would have done this first.  This often instantly stops anxiety!

Exercise:  Walk or clean something that requires a lot of physical movement.  Walking daily outside is a great way to keep anxiety at bay permanently.

Bath:  Take an Epsom Salt Bath for at least 20 minutes.  Here is a great article on that: Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths

What to Do Once the Anxiety Has Passed

When you are feeling calm again, it might be a good idea to explore what triggered the experience.  Were you worried about something?  For me, I’d had my health worries triggered by a couple of different experiences (only one of which actually had anything to do with my own body).  Often something bothers me, but it is only a little flutter and I tend to ignore it.  If a few more of the same type of concern comes by and I continue to ignore the feelings though, I usually end up feeling anxious and often am not sure why!  That is why going back and getting clear on what triggered the experience can really help avoid it coming back again.  I have been using the protocol I am teaching with the Intuitive Life Coaching Classes that use the quantum physics concepts and EFT combination to clear limiting beliefs.  This blog post explains the process if you would like to try it with your situation or I am happy to help you figure out what is going on with an empowerment reading too.  You can read the article here:  Ascension Symptoms: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Experience


Another tool I pulled out last night was Meditations to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I read the essay I flipped to a few times and also tapped on the meridian points for each of the sentences while reading it out loud.  It really helped!

I randomly flipped to a page to include one for all of you and it opened to the same essay I worked with last night!  Here it is…

Highest Good

“The Power that created me is the same Power that I co-create with, and this Power only wants me to express and experience my highest good.  I do my best to make my real self vitally important and give it control of everything.  By doing this, I am truly loving myself.  It opens me to greater possibilities, to freedom, to joy, and unpredictably wonderful daily miracles.  My highest good includes the highest good for others, too.  This is truly a loving act.

I always work for my highest good.  Loving myself and others allows me to be all that I can be.”

Sending much love to you all!  My Spirit Guides are assuring me the energies are going to lighten up soon.  Hang in there!



Love the Fear: Shift from Fear to Love this month!

I had another life changing session with Jaap Van Etten.  We have both been receiving similar messages about the path ahead.  Our discussion led to a concept that has been coming up in readings I’ve been doing over the last month.  We both feel that our species is in the process of evolving.  Our lizard brain that is still wired to react with adrenaline to prepare for fight or flight is not serving us well these days (as modern challenges rarely allow us to respond in either of these ways).  As this part of our brain evolves, we are moving our instinctive reaction to one of love instead of fear.  So how do we do this?  The message both Jaap and I received was to LOVE the fear.

Loving what we are afraid of seems like a crazy idea.  And yet, it is impossible to experience fear and love at the same time.  Try it and you’ll see what I mean.  Think about something that worries you.  Then repeat, “I love my fear about (insert what you are worried about).”  Keep repeating it for a few moments.  How does your body feel?  I’ve found when I do this, my system relaxes and the fear disappears.

Why does this work?  It has to do with what these two emotions evoke in our physical system.  Love sends a message to the body that all is well. It sends calming, soothing hormones through the system. It opens and flows.  The breathing slows and the muscles relax.  Fear, on the other hand, sends the message that we are in danger. When it arrives, our body tenses and tightens.  Breath shortens the organs are lifted up under the rib cage and our senses go on high alert.  We are ready to fight or run for our life.

Clearly, these two responses are completely opposite. So when we focus on love, the body gets a message that contradicts the worry we are experiencing.  It allows us to relax and deal with the situation calmly (which is the reaction that works best with our modern-day challenges).  The key to all of this is to recognize that when we stop fighting fear (or trying to avoid it) we can allow it to lose its power to harm us.  We can truly be centered in love.  When we love, we align with our highest good and we align with who we really are.

Love the Fear Challenge

Would you like to join me in a month-long endeavor to change our instinctive response from one of fight or flight to one of love?  Participation is simple:  Just commit to spending 5 minutes twice a day to meditate on feeling love.  Try using a simple statement such as “Breathing IN I love.  Breathing OUT I love” as you slowly inhale and exhale.  Imagine yourself somewhere peaceful where you feel relaxed and safe.  Throughout the day, keep this practice in mind and when you begin to feel fear (which often masks itself as anger, sadness, boredom, guilt, frustration, or anxiety) then say, “I love my (fill in what you are feeling) because it is teaching me to love myself.”

Opportunities for Additional Support

My Sanctuary Soul Friends Community:  I’ll be sharing weekly recordings/meditations, readings, and encouragement to empower this shift.  You can join here:  Become a Member

Empowerment Circle on Money:  This week’s Empowerment Circle is another way to get some support if money is one of the topics that generate fear for you.  Details are at this link: Empowerment Circles

Let’s bring this year to a close with love flooding our system,  so we can “ride the wave” into this new way of being!

Wishing you much love and blessings!


Techniques to Manage Anxiety

I had a panic attack in 2002 and after spending two long years fighting anxiety, I find that it is the experience I dread the most when something upsetting happens.  If I could keep my sense of calm as I deal with things that feel challenging, I would navigate them so much easier.  After all, the reason we experience anxiety is because the body is flooding with hormones to allow us to fight or flee. So often, neither of these options is appropriate in the modern-day challenges we face.  So how do we change this pattern?  Here are a few tools that I’ve found to be very helpful.

1.  Love the fear.  I realize this seems like a crazy idea.  Why on Earth should we love the fear that is making us suffer?  Here me out though.  I found myself saying “I love the fear because it is the teacher” over and over when I was feeling some anxiety.  Suddenly, I realized that the fear had vanished!  This makes sense doesn’t it?  How can we experience fear and love at the same time? Truly we can’t.  Love sends a message to the body that all is well. It sends calming, soothing hormones through the system. It opens and flows.  The breathing slows and the muscles relax.  Fear sends the message that we are in danger. When it arrives, our body tenses and tightens.  Breath shortens the organs are lifted up under the rib cage and our senses go on high alert.  We are ready to fight or run for our life.  Clearly, these two responses are completely opposite. So when we focus on love, the body gets a message that contradicts the worry we are experiencing.  It allows us to relax and deal with the situation calmly.  I suspect focusing on love in any direction will be helpful too.  I think though that when we can stop fighting fear and seeing it as the enemy it loses its power to harm us.  So LOVE THE FEAR!

2.  Try Yoga Mudras. I am very grateful to Mary Maynard who shared this tool with me twelve years ago when I was in the height of my anxiety struggles.  Yoga mudras are simple hand postures that you hold for about three minutes.  They work with the energy points in the fingers and hand to balance the energy system.  I have found them 100% effective for me in settling my nervous system when I’m feeling anxious.  My favorite author for these is Sabrina Mesko (Power Mudras:  Yoga Hand Postures for Women and Healing Mudras: Yoga for Your Hands).

3.  Be out in nature.   The minute I step outside it is as if everything gets put into perspective.  It clears away the drama of the mind and restores peace.  Sitting by a tree or actually stretching out on the ground can be enormously calming.  The Earth really does provide everything we need to be well (physically and energetically).

4.  Invoke Divine Support.  Call in all the Divine support that is available to you when you are feeling anxious.  Imagine the room filling with Angels.  Ask that you be connected to the Earth energy that is highest and best for you to receive to help restore calm and well-being.  Allow yourself to receive and turn the whole thing over.  Let the Divine handle the situation and trust you will be motivated if there is some action for you to take.  This is so powerful and works every time!

I’m offering a Health Empowerment Circle this week if you’d like some specific help to support you with anxiety.  You can learn more here:  Empowerment Circles

Wishing you a peaceful day!


Divine Input on Coping with Health Challenges

This week, two of my loved ones received some unsettling news at the doctor.  In both cases, a routine test showed something abnormal.  While I am confident that they will get what they need to bring things back into balance, I also know the process of this can be deeply unsettling.  The feeling of having something out of your control is so difficult to manage.  I prayed on this and asked for some guidance on how to go through these places where there is so much fear.  How do we keep our balance as those who are watching or those who are going through the health challenge?  We all know that being stressed isn’t good for our health and yet news like this instantly creates stress.  With all things, there is a solution, so let’s get some Divine input and discover what that is for this situation.

The first thing I see is a gold stool with three legs.  It is about two feet off the ground and has a lower bar around the middle.  I’m watching as someone tries to replace one of the three legs with different substances.  First, they try a wood leg, then a stone leg, than a leg made of plant fiber. In each instance, the stool becomes unbalanced, no matter how much adjusting is done to make the legs level.  I’m feeling the frustration as these different options are tried.  Why won’t anything work?  As I watch from a more detached place, I find myself wondering why we took the gold leg off in the first place.  Wouldn’t it be best to just leave it on?

I’ve been doing a lot of work with the three aspects of our being (often shown to me on a triangle).  At the top is the child (which represents love).  On the right is the masculine self (power) and the left is the feminine self (wisdom).  As I look at this stool, it seems to me that the masculine leg is the one that we’ve removed.  We’ve been living for a very long time in a world where power has been wielded without first being infused with love and wisdom.  When this occurs, we become out of balance.  So how is this true as we consider our own inner world?  Have we allowed the active, male energy within to wield its power without first being sure it is used to protect love and wisdom?  Is this what has caused the imbalance?  I believe that it has and yet the solution is not to weaken the male energy.  If we weaken our power, then the whole again becomes out of balance.  This isn’t a time for any of the three elements within to be more dominant than the other.  It is the balance and harmony between them that allows us to function optimally in this human experience.

So what does this mean right now in our everyday lives?  How do we use this information to bring balance to our systems as we go through often unsettling changes?

I hear, “Begin with love.”  What would we love to see happen in the situation? 

I would love for myself and those I care about to be healthy and well. 

I hear, “Invoke wisdom next.”

I invoke Divine wisdom and my own inner wisdom to guide me to manifest this experience and to allow me to experience it.

I hear, “Invoke power.”

I invoke the Divine and my own inner power to motivate me to take the steps and actions needed for this to be my reality. 

I hear, “Experience it.” 

I come to my inner child and imagine how she feels as we live in a place where there is no fear of illness or death.  My loved ones are healthy and well.  I am healthy and well.  I feel my inner child curl up and sleep peacefully.

I come to my inner mother who gently covers my inner child with a blanket and gently touches her cheek.  She sits down before a warm fire sipping fragrant tea and rocking gently as she looks out the window. 

I come to my inner father who comes from outside carrying an arm of firewood and food for us to eat.  He puts the items down quietly, so as not to wake the child.  Stopping to be sure the blanket is up around her shoulder and she is comfortable.  He comes to the mother and adds wood to the fire so she is warm.  She hands him a cup of tea and they sit together watching the snow fall gently.  Peace reigns.

I hear, “It is time to let it go.”

I come to my heart and sit in a place of allowing love.  I allow myself to love.   I allow myself to receive love.  In love, I send out this prayer.  Let my intention manifest.

I pray it is so, and so it is!

I feel the intention take root and also shoot into the sky as a star!

I hear, “Come now and take our hand.  This is the time of remembering.  This is the time of remembering.  This is the time of remembering.” 

I see myself in a field surrounded by Divine beings and beautiful animals.  The Earth pulses beneath my feet and the sun shines directly overhead.  I hear, “Do you remember?  Do you remember? Do you remember?”  And as I let my mind slip away and look with my other sense, I do remember.  I remember what is real.  There is Divine order in everything.  I see that my loved ones also have a gold stool.  I see that they too are guided in how to bring balance to their beings.  I see they too are deeply loved and protected.  I also see that they too are committed to their own health.  Nothing is random.  There is no disorder.  What happens, happens because there is something to be healed.  It comes to bring us where we wish to be, where we wish to rest.  It comes to remind us WHO WE ARE and WHY WE ARE HERE.  TRUST yourself.  TRUST your body.  TRUST your heart.  TRUST the Divine.  You are deeply loved.  You are never alone.  We are love and we come from love.  Love is where we rest.  Love is where we stay.  Love is where we wait. Remember, remember, remember…all is well, all is well, and all is well.”

I see the gold leg being replaced on the stool.  I see my inner child sitting on it.  The gold is warm and comforting.  I feel the soft grass beneath bare feet and watch as a bluebird lifts its voice in song.  The sun shines, the air is warm, and the day is new.  All is well.

Love and blessings to you all!



Peace of MIND, Tips to Quiet the Mind and Relieve Stress

Have you ever felt like your brain will not be quiet?  I’ve had a real struggle with this for a lot of my life.  Whether my mind is obsessed with worries or involved in creative brainstorming, sometimes it will not leave me alone!  While I get a real high when my brain starts off on a creative spiral, I’m not so crazy about the nervous system overload that comes with it.  Anxiety and sleeplessness get old very fast.   Over the last few years, I’ve done a  much better job of stopping myself before I get caught in a mental frenzy of activity.  Today, I have a confession to make…I fell off the wagon. 

Thankfully, Spirit intervened, bringing me a vision to get me back on track.  As I’ve talked to many others who have been suffering with the same problem, I thought I should share what I learned. 

So here’s my vision…The first thing I saw was a nest of sea turtle eggs.  I watched as they all hatched and these adorable, tiny turtles started making their way to the ocean.  I felt this wonderful elation followed by panic.  How could I possibly get all these wonderful creatures to the ocean safely? 

The message was that I couldn’t.  The reality is that only a few sea turtle hatchlings actually live to become full grown sea turtles.  The same is true for my “brilliant” ideas. Only a few of those ideas are meant to manifest right now and I’ll have plenty of time to nurture them to fruition (at least I will if I stop running frantically around the beach trying to scoop up baby turtles!).   

In case you’ve found yourself with an unending to do list and a brain that won’t turn off, I thought I’d post a few tips to bring back your peace of mind.  Give them a try!   


Pay attention to your body.  The best defense to help yourself avoid moving into a stressed out, anxious state of being, is to notice how your body feels.  Get in the habit of regular check ins.  Ask yourself:  How does my stomach feel?  How about my muscles?  Is my jaw tense?  If you are feeling any discomfort, then take a deep breath and work on relaxing your muscles.  Make yourself set aside what you are working on until your body returns to a more relaxed state.  Believe me, it is worth the time.

Turn off your work mind by 7PM.  It is really important to get a good night sleep.  One of the keys to sleeping well is to avoid giving your mind lots of juicy things to think about right before you are telling it to shut down for the night.  Make a firm cut off time (at least a couple hours before you go to sleep) to drop any serious topics or work items and stick to it.  Do something relaxing before you fall asleep.  I find it helpful to visualize all the stresses of the day washing off me in a gentle lake or at the beach.  Pick something that is soothing to you and make it part of your nighttime ritual. 

Exercise.  I’ve never been a very gung ho exerciser, but a couple of years of living with anxiety completely changed my opinion about its importance.  The bottom line is that exercising reduces stress hormones.  A walk outside.  Time on an exercise machine.  Yoga.  Playing a sport.  All of these things help to get you out of your head and into a more relaxed and comfortable body. 

Yoga Mudras.  I think Sabrina Mesko should hire me to handle her publicity.  Honestly, I am a HUGE fan of yoga mudras and I own all of Sabrina’s products (check out my Amazon store in the blogroll if you’d like to get your own copies).  Her three minute hand postures are amazingly powerful.  They really do help to shift the energy, calm the body and the mind, and bring you to a peaceful state of being.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Listen to Relaxation CD’s and/or peaceful music.  I escaped my two years of anxiety Hell through the wonders of a technique called nervous system settling.  When I finally understood that what was happening was simply nervous system overload and my constant mental gymnastics to bring it under control were actually increasing my anxiety, I had what I needed to end the cycle.  I learned about this technique from Gary Peterson, an author and nervous system expert.  He has a great CD to help you settle your nervous system.  You can purchase it at or  learn more about it on his website:  Besides his CD, I find relaxing music to be very helpful to soothe my overactive mind.  Enya is a favorite artist of mine.  Find something you enjoy and put it on the next time you find yourself overthinking. 

Get some help.  Sometimes it helps to talk with someone objective to get things back in perspective.  Talk with a good friend, a counselor, or make an appointment with me!  As I’ve explained, I’ve had lots of practice with this, not only with myself but with many clients.   To purchase a life coaching reading, visit my website:

 Here’s to peace of mind for us all!


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach who empowers her clients to overcome feelings of powerlessness and to make changes to create a life they love.  To learn more about her services and products, visit her website: http://www.EmpoweringLightworkers.  Nancy is also the owner Sanctuary at the Crossroads and Crossroads Coaching

What If…Tips to Overcome Your Fears

I’m sure you’ve all been hearing the news lately. The talk of rising gas and food prices is making even those in stable financial situations feel jittery. Many of the clients I’ve worked with are struggling to make ends meet and worried about what is going to happen if their business doesn’t pick up. “What if” is a common thought for many people these days.

Since I am the Queen of “What if,” I’ve had to develop some effective coping techniques. After all, getting my sympathetic nervous system over-aroused which floods my body with stress hormones doesn’t lead to very effective problem solving! Here are a few tips to help you if you are feeling the strain:

1. Ask yourself if your worrisome thought is true: I love the method that Byron Katie recommends in her books. She says to ask yourself the following questions:

Is it true?
Can I absolutely know that it’s true?
How do I react when I think this thought?
Who or what would I be without the thought?

Then, turn the thought around, and find three genuine examples of how each turnaround is as true as or truer than the original statement.

This process can help you get a clearer picture of your true situation, so that you aren’t reacting to “what ifs” but are dealing with what is actually happening in the moment.

2. Be practical: Are you truly short on cash? Then come up with a two part plan to get yourself in a better situation.

Part One: Reduce your expenses by taking a hard look at exactly where your money is going and then deciding what is essential and what you can live without for right now. Some areas where you might be able to cut back are: cable TV, eating out, beauty salon, cell phone extras (internet, texting), entertainment expenses, or groceries. If you look carefully, you’ll probably be able to find one or two areas where you can “trim the fat.”

Part Two: Increase your income. Look around for a part-time job or if you are self-employed explore options for offering your services at more affordable prices by creating products or group options. Your clients are also feeling the strain of rising costs, so find a way to offer them your valuable service at a less expensive rate, while still meeting your own financial obligations.

3. Count your blessings: Keep a running log of all the things that you do have. Don’t forget to include your health. Remember, keeping self-care on the top of your list is essential for dealing with challenging times. After all, when you don’t feel well, you really aren’t able to handle problems effectively. If you need some help with this, check out my 4 Week to a Self-Care Lifestyle Workbook now available at my websites (Cost: $14.50):

4. Manage Stress: When you find yourself obsessing over your worries, use the SOS for Stress Meditation to help yourself return to a state of peace. By turning your attention back to your body, you will calm your thoughts so that you can deal with things more effectively. The simplified version of this meditation is four steps: STOP whatever you are doing or thinking about, BREATHE in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, out for a count of 6 through the mouth, and hold for 4, RELAX your muscles beginning at your feet and moving up to the top of your head, and LET GO with each exhale all of your fears while imagining your guardian angels clearing your whole system of stress. To purchase the download audio version (MP3) of this meditation along with two reference guides for this technique, visit this link:

5. Have Faith: Have faith, not only in a higher power, but also in yourself. You have the tools you need to take care of yourself. You will be your own best friend and make sure your needs are met. You can do it! I find the following affirmation helpful with this: “I have absolute faith in myself and I have absolute faith in God. I am safe and all is well.”

Hang in there! Things will get better (and are probably much better than you think!). If you need some one on one coaching help, send me an email or call for a free consultation to learn more about how my coaching services can support you: or (330) 416-6184 or join me for this month’s group coaching call on 5/21/2008 (no technological expertise necessary…you just need a phone!). The cost is $15 or free for members of the Empowering Lightworkers e-club. To register, send me an email.

Have a great day!