Coaching Membership Club

Coaching Membership Club

Providing Affordable, Ongoing Life Coaching Support 

We have found that consistent, ongoing spiritual support through life coaching, energy work and connecting with others on a spiritual path can make all the difference between hopelessness and empowerment. Unfortunately, lack of resources often stands in the way of receiving this support. Part of our work has been to not only teach about spiritual laws, but also to live by them. On this journey, we have been shown again and again that we are co-creating our experiences with the Creator and when you line up with your heart, resources come in to support you. We created the Coaching Membership Club to offer discounted services to those needing financial assistance.

Coaching Membership Club Benefits

Receive 50% off on coaching services, workshops, events and spiritual mentoring (does not include multiple day events or products)

Love Offering

$25 – $150/month

We appreciate your support through a love offering at the level you are able to contribute, as this will help us both meet our financial needs! Full Club benefits are available at any of the love offering levels.

Join the Crossroad Coaching Membership Club

Membership in the Club is for one month or for a season (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall – 3 month commitment). Below are the steps to get registered for the current month:

1. Choose the level of love offering contribution you would like to make  using the links below. You will be directed to PayPal where you can make a payment from a PayPal account, checking account or credit card. If you would prefer to contribute by check or cash, arrangements can be made for you to do that as well.

Love Offering for One Month Membership







Love Offering for Seasonal Membership (Three Month Commitment

$25/Three Months

$50/Three Months

$75/Three Months

$100/Three Months

$125/Three Months

$150/Three Months

Help Us Help Others

If you would like to help us continue to offer discounted services, we gratefully accept love offerings for our Coaching Fund. The money gifted to this fund helps us meet our financial needs while offering 50% off our services through this club and other discounted or free services we offer. You can learn more and make a gift here:

Coaching Fund


Please get in touch! I am happy to answer any questions about the Coaching Club. Use the contact form below and I will be in touch!