Coaching Fund

Throughout my adult life, I have worked with many amazing healers and holistic practitioners. Without them, I wouldn’t have made it through the terrible anxiety I suffered when my empathic gifts blossomed without any energetic boundaries to protect me. Even today, I am so incredibly grateful for the amazing healers who continue to keep me balanced and empower me to follow my purpose.

Now I am blessed to be able to share what I’ve learned and what my wonderful Angels and Guides have to offer to support others in finding their way out of the ravages of fear and into empowerment. Often though, I encounter people who desperately need my services, but are facing financial challenges that make the ongoing support out of reach. I try to offer many different levels of support with different price ranges, and often do things for free, but just like everyone else, I have to pay for my basic needs too. That is where the idea for the Crossroads Coaching Fund was born.

How You Can Help

Below are some options to make a love offering (this is not a donation as I am not a non-profit).

Love Offerings to this Fund will be used to…

  • provide free or reduced coaching services
  • provide coaching scholarships
  • offer workshops or classes at a reduced rate
  • support related supplemental services

Love Offerings

Thank you for helping me help others! You can use the PayPal Links below to make a one-time love offering. You will have an option to use a credit card or checking account for the love offering. You do not need to have money in a PayPal account.










For those wishing to make a larger love offering, the PayPal link below allows you to select the quantity of $100 you would like to give. Thank you for your generosity!

$100 – Select the Quantity 

Ongoing Contributors

If you would like to offer ongoing support through a monthly subscription, you may use the links below. The money will be deducted automatically from the account you select monthly. You can cancel your subscription through PayPal at any time.





THANK YOU! Your generosity and willingness to “pay it forward” is so appreciated! May the Angels bring you what you have given times a thousand!


Recipients Share Their Gratitude

Below are some thoughts shared by those who have benefited from the Scholarship Fund. Names have been removed to protect privacy.

I am very grateful the scholarship fund is available! I’ve been working Nancy and Ryan to heal a great deal of past pain, fear and sadness. Even more importantly, they are giving me the tools and knowledge to discover my true path in life.
I’m in the process of rebuilding my financial health and my budget is tight, but Nancy has worked with me to make sure that I can receive the coaching and energy balancing sessions I need and the opportunity to attend the amazing workshops she and Ryan offer! I can’t express enough how important and invaluable my experience has been. My goal is to be able to be in a position to contribute to the fund so more people, regardless of their financial situations, have the opportunity to work with Nancy and Ryan and experience the beautiful life changing work they do. Thank you so much Nancy and Ryan!”

As one of the recipient’s of Nancy’s scholarship fund, I’d like to thank you so much for your donation. Your kind gesture has affected my life beyond words. I have been on a healing journey for many years and am a millennial Light Being, working three jobs. I often feel like I live in between two worlds. It’s a great struggle at times. I need healing, expert guidance and resources to help me through this pivotal time of my development into purpose. Without Nancy and without financial support, I’d be lost. Together, our love abounds the challenges of awakening. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.”